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Volunteer Club Safeguarding Officer

Our present Safeguarding Officer, Dino Adams, has given notice on this role within Cobham RFC, a role which she has done for over 10 years. We are therefore looking to recruit a volunteer Club Safeguarding Officer to commence season 20/21, though training and support will be given in the coming season should a volunteer step forward.

· In this role you’ll provide leadership in the safeguarding of children within the club, maintain relationships with the CB Safeguarding Manager (CBSM) and local safeguarding partners. You’ll report to the Board and work closely with the Club Mini & Junior Chair and the Club Secretary. You’ll also need to undertake appropriate RFU safeguarding courses.

What you’ll get out of it: • The children at Cobham RFC are the future of rugby, so your role in safeguarding them within your club is crucial. • This is a highly respected role within the club and the local community, from which you’ll get a great deal of satisfaction seeing how young players develop. • You’ll also receive ongoing support from the CB Safeguarding Manager in the form of training, visits, guidance and regular communication. Ideally, you’ll need: • To be empathetic and approachable • To have good communication skills • To be good at record keeping • A good sense of humour • To be objective • Sound IT skills • Attention to detail • Resilience and determination • Be dedicated to the cause of safeguarding young people under 18yrs • A background in child protection from any of the statutory agencies (Police, Social Services, Children’s Services) is a bonus.

What you’ll do: • Ensure the Club’s ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable People Policy’, other relevant policies & procedures in conjunction with the RFU policy are maintained, updated as necessary, publicised and made available to all members.( This has recently been completed for the new website) • Make sure everyone understands the RFU Codes of Conduct and values of the Game: Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Enjoyment, Discipline, Respect • Be visible and approachable to all club members and post your contact details on club notice boards, the club website and RFU GMS • Develop and maintain a system to ensure all individuals working with young people undertake a DBS application every three years. • Promote, encourage attendance and sign post members & Board members working with young people to the available RFU training (i.e. RFU In Touch and Play it Safe courses) • Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents are reported promptly through the correct channels. • Keep up-to-date contact details for the local statutory agencies (police / social services etc.) and liaise with them when necessary. • Ensure all parents of new mini & youth players are signposted to the club safeguarding/child protection policy. • Ensure through age group Managers/Head Coaches that you are made aware of individual children’s special educational or medical needs. • Ensure, along with the Head Physio and First Aid co coordinator that clubs first aid arrangements comply with RFU protocols. • Monitor the club website and report or amend inappropriate content. See Imagery policy. • Verify and confirm club’s Seal of Approval accreditation. • Distribute any new information concerning the safeguarding of young people. • Ensure RFU Tour Guidelines are publicised and complied with. • Complete Safeguarding Audits as required. ( Recently completed)

How much time it will take up? • At Cobham RFC we are lucky to have 2 members who help with DBS clearances in Mini and Youth Sections. The role however will require approximately 3-4 hours a week, mainly in the evenings and at weekends – less time out of season.

If you would like to express an interest or know more about the role and what is involved please contact Dino Adams on 07960351470 or

Remember - Safeguarding is everyone’s business and all members must be alert to any issues that may arise with any child. It is not just the responsibility of one person

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